• CRM - Customer Relationship Manager

    Q6 IT Recommends PipeDrive CRM for SMBs across the West Midlands

Keep track of all your deals

Manage information in one place

Pipedrive manages all your sales information easily in one convenient place. Pipedrive is packed with automations, integrations and innovations.

Drive actions & ensure follow-up

Pipedrive’s activity-based sales methodology acts as a daily planner, retrospective view and custom task creator all-in-one. Always follow up on every deal

Organize your deals

Get a shared company view of your business’ health with the visual pipeline and forecast confidently, safe in the knowledge that you have reliable information.

Set up in under 2 minutes

From Under £12 per month including support.

Try Pipedrive for free. No credit card required.

Activity reminders

Nothing falls through the cracks with activity reminder emails, mobile notifications and alerts.

Visual sales pipeline

Rich visual indicators show you where to focus and what actions are needed to close more sales.

Integration with Google & Outlook

Keep your sales organized by connecting Google & Outlook, Contacts and Calendar with your deals.

Mobile apps

With iPhone and Android mobile apps you can work from anywhere – any time (also works offline).

Customize everything

Do it yourself customization enables you to adapt our software to your business.

Write emails from Pipedrive

Start sending & receiving emails inside Pipedrive and have all client information stored in one place.

Connect Pipedrive with 80+ apps & addons

Want to connect Pipedrive with other software? Solve it with our open API.

Take control of your sales process – Try it free!

Free, easy to set up, no credit card required

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