Q6|IT becomes a Ruckus Wifi Partner

Q6|IT are pleased to announce another great partnership, this time with Ruckus Wifi, a world leader in Professional Wifi solutions.

Focused on providing high-capacity wireless solutions, Ruckus’ WiFi technology is redefining the limits of what businesses can expect from not only their network performance but its flexibility, reliability and importantly, its affordability. Ruckus Wireless has developed a leading portfolio of business-grade WiFi solutions which deliver unprecedented network capacity, wireless range and RF interference mitigation.

Ruckus Wireless Access Points

Ruckus Wireless’ ZoneFlex series of WiFi access points provide businesses and organisations with unprecedented network capacity, coverage and wired-like performance in an affordable and compact form factor.

Ruckus BeamFlex technology allows their access points to create thousands of unique directional antenna patterns, enhancing RF interference mitigation and reducing the effects of co-channel interference. Dual Band antenna arrays positively alter the RF environment by ensuring connections are increasingly robust and reliable and remain so of larger distances than were previously possible.

Ruckus ZoneDirector Ruckus Wireless Controllers

From the ZoneDirector 1200 (SMB) to the ZoneDirector 5000 (Large Enterprise) Ruckus WLAN Controllers offer flexibility, scalability, and manageability in a range of highly-affordable form factors.

Running on the entire ZoneDirector range, the Ruckus ‘Smart/OS’ software makes delivering a fully managed, centralised wireless LAN easier than ever before. Covering every aspect of your network performance, from user access control and traffic redirection to performance control tools and authentication reporting, Ruckus controllers have you and your network covered.

If you would like more infrormation on how Q6|IT and Ruckus can help secure and improve your Wifi, click the cutton below to get in touch.