With rural enterprise parks and new developments outside of towns and cities being a popular choice for many industries and businesses encouraged with incentives and grants to move to these rural business parks it is vital that internet and broadband services have the capacity to meet the demand and provide sufficient speeds, particularly in rural or remote areas.

Starlink for Business can service businesses in the remotest of areas and deliver high-speed internet to rival some of the standard broadband services.

Starlink for Business – High-speed, low-latency broadband internet for rural businesses

Starlink, through our own experience, is delivering internet speeds in excess 200Mbps for download and upload speeds of around 20Mbps.  Compared to standard fibre broadband services (which are very rarely available at such speeds in rural and remote areas and not without a significant investment) Starlink is proving an excellent alternative for our rural clients.

Q6|iT have installed a number of Starlink systems in very rural areas since 2022 and clients have been amazed with the results.  With a monthly fee and no contract to get tied into, the Starlink for Business service is quick to set up, avoiding longer lead times that can often be associated with installations of new broadband services in rural areas.

The Starlink for Business kit comes complete; providing everything you need to get started including the Starlink itself, power supply and wall mount, WiFi router, cables and base. The Starlink can easily be mounted on an areal pole affixed to a building wall or a-pex.

Starlink is also used by mobile units such as H&W Fire Brigade on incident response units – proving invaluable and far more reliable when in remote areas.

A recent install in the very depths of remote Shropshire, situated at the bottom of small valley, Q6|iT was commissioned by our client to install a Starlink system.  Internet speeds to the main property were around 2Mbps with consistently intermittent service and little to no mobile service.  Following the installation of Starlink, our client is now experiencing consistent internet speeds of over 200Mbs (compared to the 2Mbps previous) and delighted with the results.

N.B Starlink requires a clear, uninterrupted view of the sky to connect.

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