Changing your IT Managed Service provider

Is it time to review your IT services contract? Have you been impressed with the support your IT company has provided during the pandemic and managed your teams remote working needs?

Q6IT can deliver an all-encompassing IT managed service or provide bespoke support for specific areas of your IT systems. If transferring to a new IT provider is a genuine consideration and up for discussion, it is best to open these conversations early.

Our advice is to ensure you know the notice period required on your current agreement. If you have multiple services with one provider such as broadband, telephone and an IT support agreement, check ALL contracts as they may not all fall inline.

Many businesses fall foul of the termination period and find the contract has rolled over without realising. In our experience many IT companies will hold businesses to the contract and hefty cancellation charges will be levied if you do in the end move away. Make sure you submit notice to your current provider. Opening conversations in good time and submitting notice gives them an opportunity to work with you to resolve issues as well as a clear timeframe if you do decide to make a switch. Get talking to new IT providers early on. Call our team today for friendly, honest expertise and advice.

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